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We have expertise in following areasApplication architecture definitionHardening, instrumentation, performance optimizationsDevice driver development and BSP on various operating systemsHard real-time applications design and developmentHardware and software integrationCross development platform supportLinux Kernel internals and Netfilter stackHigh Performance Data Plane – L2-L7, DPDK, Netmap, OVSNetwork security – IPsec, VPN,TLS, HW security engines integrationLockless data plane design (fast path and stacks)Solutions and technologies developed by Melugma can be found in a wide range of products, from simple commodities to heavy duty carrier-class network devices, industrial robotics and protecting national security.Areas of expertise also include:1.Cloud architecture, Cloud networking, Cloud security, virtualization technologies and cloud services. Virtualization (Xen, vmware, KVM, hyperV) Carrier Network topologies & Protocols (IP, MPLS, Ethernet, Switches & Routers etc.) SW Platforms (Real Time SW, OS Virtualization)2.We alsoproved consultations in projects that involved machine learning. We have expertise in developing algorithms in: a)clustering in high dimensional space.b)finding non-linear connectivity in multidimensional space and c) decoding of simultaneously obtained data.We also provide consultations in big data analysis and statistic

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