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Lab4Innovations is an interdisciplinary and experienced team of social scientists, psychologists, political scientists, political economists, business economists and innovation managers. We are a cross-system provider of differentiated and innovative knowledge, interdisciplinary competencies and well-founded methods. We see ourselves as a competent service provider.Lab4Innovations offers relevant and profitable knowledge and know-how on society, markets, people and target groups as well as the latest scientific findings on B2C, B2B and B2G. Based on this knowledge, we develop innovative ideas, strategic problem solving approaches and integrated commercial concepts for new and existing markets and products. We enable our customers to conduct sustainable business on the market.In the collaboration with Lab4Innovations you will meet an expert team with excellent training and profound competency. Every member of our team has many years of successful professional experience in their respective field of expertise. Lab4Innovations combines the specific competencies of these experts in order to develop strategic and profitable solutions for our customers. We know from practical experience whether a solution is necessary and feasible or whether it is in fact unnecessary, too complex, too bureaucratic or merely superficial.We strive for sustainable and profitable growth for our customers and their stakeholders as well as for our own organisation. Lab4Innovations wants to provide its customers with relevant knowledge on concrete target groups and with profitable commercial ideas regarding a wide range of markets.In collaboration with our customers we want to exploit these ideas in an integrated approach, hence creating the basics for a comprehensible, profitable and sustainable growth at a calculable risk.

Relevant knowledge, differentiated knowledge,innovative knowledge, market research, trends and analysis, Innovation Management,innovative marketing, specific target groups, commercial ideas,profitable and sustainable growth, calculated risk,interdisciplin


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