The True Path of Belief, Testimony of the Great and Awesome Name of YAHUAH of His kindness and compassions, for He is Good and His kindness is everlasting

Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly is a Yachad of YAHUAH a set-apart Assembly for the latter day. We are taught by YahuShuah our Teacher of Righteousness, for it is He who has brought us into the Covenant of the Most High, that we learn of the will of Elohim, obey His Commands and He makes atonement for our sins. The Covenant delivers, heals, protects and make provisions so that we live in good health and be at peace! Join this Yachad today, so that your prayers be heard! Exodus 20- Obey Now!

Deliverance, Faith Healings, Name of YAHUAH and YahuShuah the Messiah of heaven and earth, Healing for all sickness, spiritual nurse, nurturing the world to set-apartness, sin, covenant of El Most High,prayer requests, sins forgiven, Renewed Covenant, lov