MedSphere Corp is a science based strategic marketing firm

MedSphere is a global science based strategic marketing firm with staff experience in scientific, commercial, marketing, commercialization, launch, brand, and war games experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.MedSphere has conducted projects ranging in competitive intelligence, analysis, market research, strategy development, strategic planning, congress coverage, conference report.We have developed strategies for key message analysis and development, strategic intelligence for pharma and biotech.With our unique medical and marketing communications expertise, we have completed projects in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K., Switzerland, Poland), Eastern Europe, North American Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina), and Asia (China, Japan).We have developed healthcare outsource strategies for the mid-market, and with our unique business and scientific and medical expertise, MedSphere can deliver it?s customer with timely, accurate and within budget projects.MedSphere also has helped it?s customers with competitor analysis, competitive strategy, intelligence evaluation and has conducted many strategic exercises and workshops such as war games where we have simulated defensive and offensive scenarios and have tested market entry, defense, and offensive responses.Through its extensive contacts with key opinion leaders (KOL) worldwide, MedSphere has experience in many disease areas from basic medicine and clinical chemistry, to clinical practice including phase 4 clinical trials.Our media and information technology division focuses on developing communication tools to more effectively communicate with doctors, health professionals, and consumers and patients.We have developed high end AV webcasts and video production with data base driven software using oracle, BEA weblogic, and developed knowledge management tools to communicate key messages, competitive analysis, and communicate with global brand teams, country managers, and people in public affairs, research and development, life cycle management teams.In addition analysts and investment firms benefit from our research and consulting work because MedSphere combines its science and marketing skills to evaluate what is critical in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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