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Dirty Linen is a Swedish highly coveted, premium-quality lifestyle brand offering luxe products with a modern, urban twist. We believe that your bed is a far too exciting place to be made with lacklustre bed linen. Dirty Linen embraces freedom; effortlessly wrinkled, unkempt beds with ultra-soft, sultry alternatives to conventional linen.Dirty Linen was crafted from the need to revitalise the bedroom; blending design, fashion and lifestyle to create a unique, nonchalantly cool vibe. We believe that you have, like us, an independent personality, with strong interest in interiors, design, fashion and lifestyle. And that you want to renew and revitalize youself and your bedroom. You probably also found it hard to find cool products so far, or you simply got tired of the styles that are available today. Casually rumpled and perfectly decadent; Dirty Linen?s lust-worthy collection is handcrafted from a passion for exceptional detailing. Graphic prints and indecent, tongue-in-cheek embroideries add a playful edge. For a bold, distinctive look mix-and-match to suit your bedroom desires.

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