Carpet Cleaning Methodology

Integrated Carpet & Floor Care offers professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services locally at a reasonable price. We are providing carpet cleaning service predominantly in the South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Notts to the commercial and domestic sector. Our carpet cleaning operatives are fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, using Hot water extraction, Cylinder brush cleaning (Pile lifter enhancing the look of the carpet Knap) and carpet stain removal. We use the most effective cleaning equipment, materials and techniques which will ensure that your carpets retain their optimal colour, appearance and fibre structure.Our carpet cleaning Specialist will inspect your carpet identifying potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results. Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.The carpet cleaning method Integrated Carpet and Floor Care apply is a Dry Foam shampoo combined with a cylinder brush to release soiling and any grit, grease and oils trapped within the carpet fibres, which have usually been noticeably compressed and flattened in heavy traffic areas. This procedure gives a deep clean whilst not over wetting your carpets which can damage not only the carpet backing but the underlay, this allows for very short drying times. For heavy soiling we adopt the hot water extraction method, in that we spray the carpet with a carpet cleaning solution and then extract the cleaning solution and soiling with a powerful wet vacuum system.Cleaning and returning a carpet as close to its original condition is always possible if the deterioration level has not gone too far. Always remember soiling can cause damage to the fibres but the need to carry out intense deep cleaning due to severe soiling can also cause irreversible damage to the backing and the fibres.

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