Recognition Technologies, Inc. --Speaker Recognition

Recognition Technologies, Inc., establishedin 2003 and located in White Plains, New York, is a biometrics researchorganization which is involved in research and developmentin differentareas of biometrics including Speaker Recognition also known asSpeaker Biometrics of Voice Biometrics (Identification andVerification), Signature Verification, Speech Recognition and HandwritingRecognition (Identification and Verification).Two main lines of products arecurrently available.The first product is a Text-Independent andLanguage-Independent Speaker Recognition engine (Vioce Biometrics Engine)capable of doing SpeakerVerification, Identification, Segmentation, Classification, Tracking andDetection.The Second product is an easily configurable and customizableInteractive Voice Response (IVR) System which can start working with no extracoding and through a simple configuration file at the design stage.Theseengines are available for a variety of Linux operating systems and aremarketed under the brand, RecoMadeEasy[TM].Recognition Technologies, Inc. isalso involved in research and development in automatic language proficiencyrating and distance learning techniques using speech. Current development isfor Linux and the Apple operating systems in C++.

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