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EEC operates at the highest level of professional standards and teaches English to internationally accepted standards. Our teaching personnel is drawn from the industry and academia, and many have international experience in their field. This ensures students gain invaluable practical experience and insights into the workplace and obtain the skills required for employment.We proudly cater to different learning styles. Classes range from traditional teacher-centered learning to small group interactive learning. Courses can be divided in modular form. This enables students to fast-track their studies, and gain the best possible results in the time they have.There is a heavy emphasis on getting students to speak English in the classrooms, and we make sure that every student makes the most of contact time with our academic staff ? and gets the necessary attention. Courses can be designed to meet the particular needs of groups or individuals and it is possible to commence English studies at almost any time of the year.Class sizes: General English max. 12 students ? Closed groups max. 6 students

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