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Lupus Assessment Software from ADS-Limathon Limited. i-BLIPS provides an up to date set of standardised assessments and training to lupus clinics worldwide as an on-going servic. i-BLIPS was launched in 2007, silverBLIPS in 2011 and they bring the latest lupus assessments plus online lupus assessment training Certify? to clinics worldwide, in over hundreds of sites in more than 30 countries. If your clinic would like the opportunity to be part of this growing lupus assessment comunity then please contact ADS-Limathon. BLIPS GLOBAL uses BILAG 2004(12) and Sledai 2K, as the main Lupus indices, but ADS-Limathon has has an array of over 40 other indices available for your study.Sponsorship opportunities are available now to extend a free BLIPS service around the globe, so please contact ADS-Limathon to sponsor or to participate in our BLIPS GLOBAL project.

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Visit: www.lupuzor-blips.com

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