Lecterns, Pulpits & Podiums For Exhibitions, Conferences, Schools & Churches

Modern metal and acrylic lecterns, pulpits and podiums for churches, exhibitions and conferences. Products include: DAXS Acrylic Lectern,DAXS Acrylic X Lectern, Trilite Truss Lectern, Trilite Lectern Carry Bag, DAXS Ladder Lectern, Quad Lectern, Truss Lectern, Premier Lectern, Double-Truss Lectern, 5-Pole Lectern, Blade Lectern, DAXS Curved Lectern, Trilite Curved Lectern, Opti HiLo Adjustable Lectern, SMIT Lectern, Low Cost Lectern, Physique Lectern, Trilite Collapsible Lectern, Tabletop Lectern,

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Visit: www.daxs-lecterns.com

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