Dole Stockholder Litigation

Founded in 1980, A.B. Data has earned an international reputation for expertly managing the complexities of class action administration in securities, ERISA, consumer, antitrust, employment, civil rights, insurance, environmental, and other class action cases. A.B. Data’s work in all aspects of class action administration has been perfected by years of experience. Dedicated professionals deliver A.B. Data’s all-inclusive services, working in partnership with its clients to administer their class action cases effectively, efficiently, and affordably, regardless of size or scope.A.B. Data’s success is driven by its passion for class action administration coupled with a focus on client relationships. An intensely case-specific approach and a philosophy of respect and professionalism toward A.B. Data’s clients and claimants guide every aspect of our work—from the presettlement phase through notice administration, claims processing, and fund distribution.Whether transforming a maze of documents into a fully interactive media package for court presentations or settlement negotiations, notifying millions of class members in the United States or throughout the world, or printing and mailing millions of checks, A.B. Data matches its talent and technology to the specific needs of its clients, delivering unparalleled services on time and on budget without ever compromising quality.

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