Lunesa - Luxury Haute Horlogerie Manufacture

So when you talk about Lunesa, you are truly talking of Swiss watchmaking: The firm?s history would fill a book. It is a fascinating history, intimately entwined with that of the city with which it has become synonymous - Geneva. With it?s thriving community of jewelers, goldsmiths and gem-setters, this most cosmopolitan of cities that has emerged as the headquarters of so many global organizations, was ideally poised to become a pioneer in the production of clocks an watches. As early as 1601, the first watch- makers guild had been established there. Master horologists were known as ?cabinotiers? after the attic ?cabinet?, or workshops, in which they choose to work because of their need for the best natural-light source. One such cabinotiers, by the name of Gerhard Bounvine, became so confident of his abilities that the decided to set up his own company, Lunesa - in 1777. Little did he suspect that the name Lunesa will be destined to reverberate around the world and become forever associated with the art of fine watchmaking, a benchmark for all connoisseurs of this unique blend of technological know-how and aesthetic creativity. Lunesa has always aimed to offer it?s customers the chance ?to be different without being ostentatious - and to be able to enjoy everyday luxury. It has achieved this by adapting to changing fashion and technical innovation and by steadfastly pursuing a combination of style and casual, understated elegance. It recalls the ?Golden Number? theory of proportion and balance that it?s most notable disciple. Leonardo da Vinci, renamed in 1509 as the ?divine proportion?. Proportion is what Lunesa is all about - constantly striving to achieve the perfect balance between the needs of the contemporary watch wearer and the classical canons of this time-honored art. Lunesas sales strategy is focused on state of art products because, today the consumer is independent and better educated. He or she no longer thinks of a product as being ?expensive? or ?cheap? but whether it gives pleasure - and the value of that personal pleasure. It?s this prince less know-how, handed down from generation to generation, that has enabled Lunesa to scale the pinnacle of technical accomplishments, culminating in it?s creation of the new watch collection. For luxury watchmaking still depends crucially on the skills of it?s practitioners - the jeweler who perfectly calibrates and adjusts a diamond by hand, the engraver who chases a bracelet with infinite precision, the master horologist who takes several hundred incredibly gestures to assemble a movement.

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