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The Convergence Technology Council, A cloud spot market allows commercial cloud service providers the ability to announce surplus or idle processing and storage capacity to a cloud exchange.The exchange allows buyers to locate available cloud processing capacity, negotiate prices (within milliseconds), and deliver the commodity to customers on-demand., The message from the VC community is clear – \\\\\\\"don\\\\\\\'t waste our seed money on network and server equipment.\\\\\\\" The message from the US Government CIO was clear – the US Government will consolidate data centers and start moving towards cloud computing. The message from the software and hardware vendors is clear – there is an enormous investment in cloud computing technologies and services., Hawaii does have some shortfalls in their IT systems.As a user, I have to say my experience using Hawaii’s eGovernment applications hasn’t been too bad.A plus in the Hawaii IT strategy column., The headlines are no surprise to those in the Internet business. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Police in Central China have shut down a hacker training operation that openly recruited thousands of members online…\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", The Europeans mock us.The Koreans boast a claim they are the world’s most wired country.Finland is bringing broadband to reindeer.The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published in their 2009 statistics the U.S. now ranks 15th among the group’s 30 member countries for broadband subscriptions. This is down from 12th in their previous study.No way!Is the United States actually that far behind the world in broadband deployment?Should the home of Cisco Systems, Brocade, IBM, and HP hang our heads in shame at our inability to deliver a world class communications infrastructure?

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