Unikar | SANO | Stairclimbers, transport via the stairs, Stair Climber Wheelchair

easy to operate highly manoeuvrable tubular construction for maximum strength? at reduced weight (only 25 kg) 200 mm diameter rear wheels enable loads? to be transported across uneven floors and small steps parking brake on both rear wheels low-noise winch with safety crank handle galvanised finish suitable for clean environments 50 mm wide load strap instead of steel cable or chain? for maintenance-free, clean operation

Hilfsmittel Treppensteiger, Elektrischer Treppensteiger, SANO-Transportger?te, Elektrischer Treppensteiger, Treppensteiger, Transport ?ber die Treppe, SANO-Transportger?te GmbH, Treppensteiger f?r Lastentransport, Treppensteiger f?r Lastentransport ?ber d

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