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Jew Data offers information onJewish Genealogy for the name Jewish Data, Jewish Cemeteries and JewishTombstone Inscriptions.Search your Jewish Family History and SeeCemetery Photos.Jewish history (or the history of the Jewish people) is the history ofthe Jews, and their religion and culture, as it developed and interactedwith other peoples, religions and cultures. Although Judaism as areligion first appears in Greek records during the Hellenistic periodand the earliest mention of Israel is inscribed on the Merneptah Steledated 1213–1203 BCE, religious literature tells the story of Israelitesgoing back at least as far as c. 1500 BCE. The Jewish diaspora beganwith the Assyrian conquest and continued on a much larger scale with theBabylonian conquest. Jews were also widespread throughout the RomanEmpire, and this carried on to a lesser extent in the period ofByzantine rule in the central and eastern Mediterranean. In 638 CE theByzantine Empire lost control of the Levant. The Arab Islamic Empireunder Caliph Omar conquered Jerusalem and the lands of Mesopotamia,Syria, Palestine and Egypt. The Golden Age of Jewish culture in Spaincoincided with the Middle Ages in Europe, a period of Muslim rulethroughout much of the Iberian Peninsula. During that time, Jews weregenerally accepted in society and Jewish religious, cultural, andeconomic life blossomed.During the Classical Ottoman period (1300–1600), the Jews, together withmost other communities of the empire, enjoyed a certain level ofprosperity. In the 17th century, there were many significant Jewishpopulations in Western Europe. During the period of the EuropeanRenaissance and Enlightenment, significant changes occurred within theJewish community. Jews began in the 18th century to campaign foremancipation from restrictive laws and integration into the widerEuropean society. During the 1870s and 1880s the Jewish population inEurope began to more actively discuss immigration back to Israel and there-establishment of the Jewish Nation in its national homeland. TheZionist movement was founded officially in 1884. Meanwhile, the Jews ofEurope and the United States gained success in the fields of science,culture and the economy. Among those generally considered the mostfamous were scientist Albert Einstein and philosopher LudwigWittgenstein. A disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners at thistime were Jewish, as is still the case.[1]In 1933, with the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party inGermany, the Jewish situation became more severe. Economic crises,racial anti-Semitic laws, and a fear of an upcoming war led many Jews toflee from Europe to Palestine, to the United States and to the SovietUnion. In 1939 World War II began and until 1941 Hitler occupied almostall of Europe, including Poland—where millions of Jews were living atthat time—and France. In 1941, following the invasion of the SovietUnion, the Final Solution began, an extensive organized operation on anunprecedented scale, aimed at the annihilation of the Jewish people, andresulting in the persecution and murder of Jews in political Europe,inclusive of European North Africa (pro-Nazi Vichy-North Africa andItalian Libya). This genocide, in which approximately six million Jewswere murdered methodically and with horrifying cruelty, is known as TheHolocaust or Shoah (Hebrew term). In Poland, three million Jews weremurdered in gas chambers in all concentration camps combined, with onemillion at the Auschwitz concentration camp alone.In 1945 the Jewish resistance organizations in Palestine unified andestablished the Jewish Resistance Movement. The movement began attackingthe British authority. David Ben-Gurion proclaimed on May 14, 1948, theestablishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel to be known as the Stateof Israel. Immediately afterwards all neighbouring Arab states attacked,yet the newly formed IDF resisted. In 1949 the war ended and the stateof Israel started building the state and absorbing massive waves ofhundreds of thousands of Jews from all over the world. Today (2014),Israel is a parliamentary democracy with a population of over 8 millionpeople, of whom about 6 million are Jewish. The largest Jewishcommunities are in Israel and the United States, with major communitiesin France, Argentina, Russia, England, and Canada. For statisticsrelated to modern Jewish demographics see Jewish population.

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