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Roy Popiolek - Projectmanagement + Consulting + Webdevelopment: Can your belt show you around? Can you send a letter for free? Can you hear your way through unknown ground? How do you structure a project? How can you transport water through the desert? Southern Korea meets Northern Korea! What are you looking for? How can you make yourself be heard? How do you create the perfect statistic? How do you find a room in a house you? What dou you need? How can computers prevent poverty? Better questions - better solutions! What do you want? How do you find your way when you can? What is your statistic NOT telling you? What are your chances to impact the industry? Questions are the first steps to solutions! Can you make money with your thoughts? Breaking down communistic barriers. Educate in authentic history. Find an audience for your (hi)story. How to use your voice for better customer impact. How to professionalize your arguments. Have you seen YOUR ultimate perspective? What to think of when thinking ahead. Better questions - better answers. Take action and be rewarded. Look for a better strategy, not cure. Own the worlds perception of you. Finding out what motivates you. Do what you did, get what you got. Guidance for the blind and unable. Overcome the barrier of language, speak technique. Its not about finding solutions, but living them. Improve your action plans. Bullet proof your life. Do what works.

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