Fr?d?ric Iriarte Irrealist Eclectic Contemporary Visual Artist

Fr?d?ric Iriarte french artist living in Sweden invite you to his irr?alistic artistic world. Fr?d?ric Iriarte - Contemporary Irrealist Eclectic - visual artist , sculptor, designer, musician, composer, filmmaker, publisher, Researcher & Developer (R&D) with holistic approach and methodologies... ARTOTEC?s Park & Urban Furniture and Recreational/Monumental Sculptures for public spaces. A concept with [ Art & Technology ] - Irr?alist Art film & music productions and art/design books editions. An universe of real and free creation. In his Irr?alistic Art Gallery you will see some of his latest paintings, sculptures, prints, books, designs, architecturals projects, animations, music, wrl 3d gallery and much more.

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