Dr John Demartini: Personal & Professional Development. Empowering Leadership & Performance in Business and Life.

The Demartini Institute is a global education institute founded by Dr John Demartini. It offers a range of programs and products focused on sharing an understanding of human behaviour which relates to empowering and inspiring your life in any of the 7 areas: Financial, Vocational, Mental, Physical, Familial, Social and Spiritual. The Demartini Institute offers keynote, seminar and workshop events for public self-development programs, one on one consultations to solve any challenge or emotion running a person?s life and corporate programs focused on inspiring teams, raising productivity in the work place.For more information call USA +1 713 850 1234 or email: info@DrDemartini.com

Dr John F. Demartini, Human Behavioral Expert, Business Consultant, Mastering Mind-set, Empowering Lives, Financial Empowerment, Physical Empowerment, Self-Development, Leadership, Performance Specialist, Relationship Development, Crisis Management, Perfo

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