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Windbell is professional manufacturer of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs). With rich experience in design, production, sale and service, Tank monitoring and ATGs(Automatic tank gauges) are accepted by more and more users from all over the world.Windbell tank level sensor can be widely used at Petrol station, mobile fueling sites, retail outlets, oil depot, tank trucker, chemical industry and waste water treatment tanks.Tank level sensor can communicates with tank gauge console, and fuel terminal management software, or industry control management software, to enhance management quality and working efficiency, saving cost!For filling station, retail outlets, mobile fueling sites, user can real time monitoring tank status, tank level sensor and tank gauge console working together perfectly, real time display the oil product level, water level and temperature of tanks. Here not only display the water existence, but also display the real water level and showing water volume in tank, beside this, console will also display 5 temperature value from sensors and the average temperature. These are the basic functions. Report is another light spot, alarm report, delivery report, shift report, inventory report, and system log; Furthermore, in the past year, Windbell added several new functions in the tank gauge console, monitor tank when business close to protect against oil stolen, it is very helpful when business close at midnight, console will alarm if any level decrease in tank, and record for the height less and volume changes. For mobile fueling station, considering the installation area is nearby tanks, much dangerous than business room at other fueling sites, so the safety issue the most important thing.Design new products for users, and solve the real problem, satisfy demands, ready to the future changes. We are not only manufacturer of tank gauging product, tank level sensor, tank gauge console, tank level monitoring products, but also the supplier of fuel storage management solution, to be expert on liquid material object management.

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