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SIZE - C4 Belts comfortably fit any waist size up to 44?. Cut-to-size for the perfect fitting belt. INTERCHANGEABLE - Belts and Buckles swap out to provide, a unique, cool, casual fashion look.AIRPORT SECURITY FRIENDLY - All belts are metal free, making it perfect for high-security environments.VEGAN, WATERPROOF, EASY TO CLEAN - No leather, simply place in the dishwasher for quick, easy clean.FOR ACTIVE USE - Equestrian, Ski, Snowboard, Golf, Wakeboard, Skater, Surfer, Sailing, Baseball, Outdoors?C4 Belts are very popular for daily use fashion wear.LIFETIME GUARANTEE - C4 Belts are made of high-grade, 100% Recyclable Thermoplastic. The same material used in Snowmobile tread. Designed to last a lifetime.

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