ILIRIA International Review

ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW (IIR) is an international scientific journal with Print ISSN (2192-7081) and Online ISSN (2365-8592), double-blind peer-reviewed and open access published semi- annually by ILIRIA College (Kosovo) in cooperation with Felix ? Verlag (Germany).IIR is devoted to publish research papers in all all the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. IIR aims to promote interdisciplinary studies and research and to explore the intersection of policy, practice and research from the South East Europian Region.ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW carries original papers that aim to contribute to the advancement of the theoretical and practical aspect of social sciences and humanities.The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is accessed and downloaded for free.

Southeast Europe; Balkans; Kosovo; Iliria; Iliria College; Iliria International Review; double-blind peer-review;open access; semi-annually; social sciences; humanities; multidisciplinary; Kosovo; OJS


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